Hoda Kotb: Her Long Path From Depression, Cancer, And Betrayal To Perfection And Genuine Happiness

Date April 4, 2018 17:05

Today, Hoda Kotb is a successful TV presenter and loving mother, but few people know that Hoda had a long way to go from depression and bullying to perfection and genuine happiness.


‘I felt that my life was falling apart’

It took many years until Hoda Kotb learned how to make her milestones happen. Looking back at her school years, Hoda recalls that period of her life:

I felt that my life was falling apart.


At school, Hoda was what people call ‘ugly duckling’. She hated her curly hair; besides, she had to wear glasses.

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Another thing Hoda disliked was her name. She remembers how at school teachers constantly asked about her ‘correct’ name as they were convinced there was a typo on their list.

I would've given anything to have had a regular name.

Only in her adult life, Kotb understood that her name makes her unique, and it’s a cool thing.



‘What is wrong with me?’

When Kotb got her first job as a reporter on television, she felt constantly scared of making mistakes on camera.

I've spent so much of my career trying not to mess up. I remember if I stumbled on a live shot, or if I would mess up anchoring, I'd think, 'Ugh, what is wrong with me?'


In an interview with Today, Hoda confessed she tried to be perfect all her life until she eventually realized that perfect is not real.

You can't be perfect, and why would you want to be — we're actually attracted to each other's flaws. It’s almost like you’re stronger in the broken places.

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Her long path to happiness

Only after she allowed herself not to be perfect, Kotb understood what really matters to her. She’s been dreaming to have kids for many years, but after her first marriage failed, Hoda felt very desperate.

Another shocking news came when the star was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a complicated treatment, Hoda was unable to conceive.


But good things happen to good people. Hoda found real happiness when at 53 she became a mother for the first time. The star adopted a wonderful girl, Haley Joy. Hoda is also in a successful relationship with her longtime partner, Joel Schiffman.

“Things happen right on time and when you're ready — or at least when the universe is ready and it's meant to be,” said Kotb in her interview. It’s hard to disagree with her because Hoda knows firsthand about the long and troubled path from depression and sorrow to perfection and happiness.


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