5 Things In Your Everyday Life That Are Slowly Killing You

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February 8, 2018 15:02 By Fabiosa

Did you know that some of the human everyday habits can cause inevitable damage not just to people’s health but to their mental and physical condition too? You’ve probably already heard millions of times that smoking is dangerous to our health, so we won’t include it in our list. If a person wants to smoke, anyway it’s only his or her choice.

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Here are 5 things in your everyday life that are slowly killing you.

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1. Physical inactivity

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It is probably the strongest enemy of the younger generation. While cigarettes are slowly killing you, laziness and physical inactivity multiply all that in several times. People who avoid sunshine and fresh air are more subjected to depression and constant stress than those who spend at least 1-2 hours per day outdoors.

In order not to suffer from cardiovascular and other diseases at an early age, you need to exercise regularly and do promenades on the fresh air on a daily basis.

2. Too much or too little sleep

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Recent research published in the Medical News Today proves that sleeping fewer than six hours a night is linked to severe health disorders or even premature death.

Sleep deprivation may also cause high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Besides, when a person doesn’t get enough sleep on a daily basis, it’s the first signal of depression.

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However, too much sleep can be as bad as too little - and may even shorten a person's life. The normal sleeping rate for an average adult is 7-8 hours, so from a health standpoint, there is no reason to sleep longer in order not to ‘knock down’ our biological clock.

3. Wrong diet

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High-calorie foods and foods with small amounts of vitamins, which contain a lot of preservatives, have a distrustful effect on human body.

Alcoholic beverages can kill our organism slowly but surely, and can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease. A constant use of coffee and energy drinks can lead to irreversible effects, and a person eventually becomes sluggish and sick.

It is always beneficial to eat more green foods, fruits, and vegetables instead of candies, sweets, or fats.


4. Jealousy and anger

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These are two of the worst enemies of our health. Prolonged depression strongly affects the psyche. People who spend most of their life in jealousy, aggression, and anger have a greater risk of suffering from mental disorders in the old age. So just keep in mind that:

Healthy mind’s in a healthy body.

5. Irregular sexual life

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Having sexual life can help avoid the risk of heart attacks, according to a research. Regular relationships are associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and related mortality.

However, there is another important factor to pay attention to. Having intimate relationships with irregular partners is not just harmful to our health but may cause various venereological diseases. So, it is always better to have one constant partner to feel safe and confident in your health condition.


We hope this article was helpful to you. Don’t forget that your good health is in your own hands. You know people say:

Health is above wealth.

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