‘Happy Days’ Stars, Marion Ross And Tom Bosley, Were Not So Happy On Set Of The Classic Sitcom


April 5, 2018 12:48 By Fabiosa

Fans of the famous classic sitcom Happy Days will be surprised to find out that 'these days' were not so happy for Marion Ross and Tom Bosley who played iconic Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham.


‘Happy Days’ stars were not so happy

Happy Days is one of the biggest hits in the television industry. The first episode was released in January 1974, and since that time the show was successfully running on TV for 11 seasons.

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Happy Days stars, Marion Ross and Tom Bosley, who portrayed a family couple, won people’s hearts from the first minute they appeared on screen. But their characters, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, were much happier than the actors in real life.

In an interview with Today Show, Marion Ross described her intense relationship with the co-star Tom Bosley. She said the bumpy relationship lasted for several years. The actress explained that in her opinion, a crack between them happened because Bosley had his own thoughts about who should play his TV wife, and it was not Marion Ross.

Either Tom Bosley had somebody else in mind right at the beginning (of the show), ... but I had a very small part at the beginning. My lines were like, 'Oh, Howard', 'Oh, children, you're not eating'.


The show success

But after the show success, Ross’ part became more integral. During 11 seasons, her Mrs. Cunningham got a title of one of TV’s most iconic moms. Eventually, Marion’s relationship with Bosley turned into a real friendship.

We had to work our way through that. I learned to love him, I loved him, and we became very close friends.

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Marion Ross was deeply saddened after her beloved TV husband passed away in 2010. When you work with someone for ten years and spend most of your time on set, it really helps make people closer. Today, Marion is 89. Her two adult children also work in the entertainment industry.

Happy Days greatly influenced the television style of its time. Marion Ross and Tom Bosley are undoubtedly one of the most talented onscreen duets, and the show success is a proof of that.


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