Princess Diana And Dodi Fayed’s Love Story Could Be The Most Beautiful Of All Times Until Death Separated Them

Date April 17, 2018

Why does it happen that the most beautiful love stories are those with a sad ending? Princess Diana, who got the title of the ‘people’s princess’, went through a failed marriage and a number of unhealthy relationships until she found her inner peace with probably the only man who loved her for real.


Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed’s relationships generated the public attention soon after they were revealed. But we wonder, what could their romantic affair lead to if death didn’t do them part?

Diana and Dodi: Love was in the air

Divorce is not a common thing for the members of the royal family, but Prince Charles and Princess Diana ruined this stereotype when announced their split after 15 years of marriage.

It was not an easy time for Diana as their divorce was followed by numerous gossips and accusations from both sides after their secret affairs with other people were revealed to the public. But for Diana, the most important men in her life were her two sons, William and Harry, and as a loving mother, she couldn’t think of anything else besides her kids.

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But sooner or later, every woman wants to find a man who will love and respect her, and to make a family with him. Diana was not an exception. The princess was involved in several romantic affairs, but probably the only man she fell in love with was the son of Egyptian millionaire, Dodi Al-Fayed.


After 15 years of unhappy marriage and embarrassment from her ex-husband’s friends, Diana could finally do what she wanted to. The princess was in love and didn’t care about the people’s opinion. Diana and Dodi tried to avoid media attention; however, they never hid from cameras, proving they had nothing to be embarrassed of.


What would it be if not the tragic accident?

After years of torment in the unhealthy marriage, Diana finally found true love with the kind, warm, and generous man. As a successful film producer, Dodi got used to enormous female attention, but all his previous relationships with models and cover girls look faded in comparison with Diana.

The princess loved Dodi's soft, gentle voice with a heartwarming Californian accent. Whenever people saw Diana together with Dodi, she was full of fun and all smiles. Her shiny eyes were able to say much more about her feelings than any words.

When Dodi introduced Diana to his family, they fall in love with her as much as he did. The princess noticed how wonderful Dodi was with his younger siblings, and that mattered to her a lot.

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The lovebirds were inseparable during their first joint trip to the United States and their romantic weekends in Paris.

A former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole, who knew the couple well, revealed that on their last day in Paris, Dodi bought a ring from a jeweler in the French capital. Diana wore the ring on the third finger of her left hand.


Diana and Dodi had never been officially engaged. According to Cole, the princess even talked to a priest about Dodi to know his opinion about the marriage between a Christian and a Muslim.


Diana and Dodi were both killed in a tragic car accident in August 1997. Millions of people around the globe were deeply touched by the loss of their favorite princess.



Nobody knows for sure whether Diana and Dodi’s love story would lead to marriage. The only thing we can say is that Diana had never been as happy as she was with Dodi. Their romantic affair is still one of the most beautiful love stories ever.

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