Mariah Carey Opens Up About Abuse She Suffered From Ex-Husband: "I Had To Get Permission To Leave The House"

Date December 28, 2018

Can you imagine that one in three women suffers from the domestic abuse at least once in her life? Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Celebrity women also face violence at the hand of a person they trust and love. We know a lot of such cases, and unfortunately, domestic abuse still takes place in 2018, even after MeToo movement and Time’s Up legacy.

Mariah Carey was one of those women who suffered the abuse from her ex-husband, but fortunately, the star found the inner strength to move on.


"My four years of marriage were like a private hell"

The famous singer Mariah Carey will remember her failed marriage with the former husband, Tommy Mottola, for many long years. Mariah still recalls that period as the biggest disaster in her life when she had to live in "a private hell" with a person she was afraid of.

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Their romantic affair started like in a fairy tale. Mariah immediately fell in love with the successful businessman. They began dating while working together at Sony Music (Mottola is the former head of Sony Music Corporation), and soon after the lovebirds got married.



At that time, Carey couldn’t even imagine her marriage would turn into a real disaster with a controlling tyrant as her husband.

Later, in an interview with E!, the singer confessed that Mottola made her feel "miserable, crying, and alone." During all four years of their marriage, Mariah lived like in a prison.

I had to get permission to leave the house. I used to wish, hope, and dream that someone would kidnap me. I never thought I would get out of there.

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How Mariah rescued herself from the ‘marriage prison’

The singer lived in the unhealthy marriage for 4 long years. Every day of her life, she was dreaming someone would come to the rescue. But at some point, Carey understood she was the one who could save herself from the husband tyrant.


It was not easy for her to take this step, as she was connected with Mottola not just as spouse, but they had business relationships too.

For me, to really get out, it was difficult because there was a connection that was not only a marriage, but a business thing where the person was in control of my life.

Mottola showed less desire to talk about his marriage with Mariah Carey. He denied any accusations of abusing her physically and emotionally, and added the singer should be grateful as he made her a real star.



Today, Mariah Carey continues her successful career, goes on world tours, and receives numerous awards.


The star prefers not to talk about her former husband, but she hopes her sad experience will help other women avoid violence and domestic abuse. Now, Mariah lives in harmony with herself as she left the dark memories in the past.

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