Mamie Gummer, Daughter Of The Iconic Actress Meryl Streep, Looks Exactly Like Her Famous Mother

Date April 19, 2018

We all know Meryl Streep as a talented and world-famous actress, but for Mamie Gummer, she is also a loving mother and the biggest supporter in life. Is it so simple to be a daughter of a celebrity mom? What are the pros and cons of being Meryl Streep’s daughter?


Who is Mamie Gummer?

Inheritance is a crazy thing. Each family has certain traits they pass down from generation to generation, like your mom's eyes or your dad's nose. But sometimes, kids may look exactly like their parents, just as if they were identical twins.

34-year-old Mamie Gummer is a daughter of the Hollywood star Meryl Streep, and she inherited not just her mother’s appearance but her talent too.

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Mamie Gummer is making her own way in the acting world. She studied drama at the Northwestern University in Illinois. Mamie began her acting career when she was 30. Actually, this is another thing that Gummer and Streep have in common as Meryl got her first role in the movie when she was 28.

For the last decade, Gummer appeared in a number of Broadway performances and in the award-winning series The Good Wife.

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Her relationships with the famous mother

In 2015, Mamie co-starred with her mother in the movie Ricki and the Flash. In the film, Streep plays an aging rock star who abandoned her family so that she could make music. Gummer plays a young woman who is very depressed after divorce. After the movie release, critics said that Mamie brought a real intensity to the role of a wife dumped by her husband.


When being asked if it was hard to act with her own mother, Gummer replied:

I don’t know if I could have done it with anyone else. I know my mom is a professional and she knows me so well.

Inspired by her own mother, Mamie has never attempted to take her career to the level of legendary Meryl Streep. She enjoys acting and just takes pleasure from what she’s doing on stage.


Gummer got used that people ask her whether it’s easy to be a daughter of celebrity mom. But despite her mother's fame, Mamie says Meryl always puts her children first.

Her priority was being our mother, not being a celebrity, and it certainly wasn’t like we had Warren Beatty to the house every Thursday. But I’m so grateful that my mum is fulfilled by what she does.

No doubt, Mamie Gummer loves and admires her famous mother. The most important thing is that they both do what they love and it makes them happy.

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