David Beckham Congratulated His Younger Sister On Giving Birth To A Baby Girl, Peggy

Date December 14, 2017 15:59

David Beckham’s younger sister, Joanne, gave birth to the adorable baby girl, Peggy. Her famous brother was the first to congratulate his sister and her husband on this amazing news.

Welcome to the world, baby girl!

35-year-old Joanne Beckham and her husband, Kris Donnelly, welcomed their first baby named Peggy. It is a long-expected baby for the couple. Joanne said her husband gave her the biggest support during her pregnancy and he even didn’t leave her during the labor:

Thank you 'love of my life' Kris for your strength and support during the birth.

Joanne’s elder brother and football star, David Beckham, congratulated his sister on a baby birth and shared a cute photo of himself holding little Peggy adding:

Welcome to the world little Peggy! So proud of my little sis and congrats.

David, who is a proud father of four kids together with his wife Victoria, promised to help his younger sister with some parenting advice and even suggested his assistance as a babysitter. Well, it seems little Peggy has all chances to become a professional football player with such awesome uncle.

Joanne and Kris can’t stop smiling when talking about their new family member:

Such an amazing feeling starting our own family. The love we have for our little princess Peggy is one that is so unconditional.

All Beckham family is very happy about Joanne and Kris’ new arrival and David’s kids are excited about having a new cousin.

Our congratulations to Joanne, Kris, and little Peggy. They look so cute together.

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