‘Gone With The Wind’ Star Vivien Leigh Never Thought The Film Would Be Her Greatest Breakthrough

Date December 7, 2017

 A lot of words can be said about incredible Vivien Leigh. She was a talented actress, amazing woman, loving wife, and a symbol of beauty and style. Vivien was one-of-the-kind. It’s hard to resist admiring this charming woman. But few people know that beyond her beautiful smile, the actress hid her hard fate.


Incredible Vivien Leigh

Just like her film characters, Vivien was rather eccentric and emotional in respect of her career and personal life. She was a heartthrob for all men in her surroundings. A tiny woman with incredible eyes, charming smile, and clear voice won dozens of men’s hearts. At the same time, Leigh was a disciplined and straight person. She studied at the Catholic school, and this experience helped her form a strong character, which was essential for her future onstage career.


Vivien married Leigh Holman when she was 18. Holman confessed Vivien stole his heart from the first sight. However, their marriage didn’t last long. The charming actress met ‘love of her all life,’ handsome Laurence Olivier. They started dating secretly, but after a while, the couple decided to reveal their relationship and got married.


Vivien and Laurence transformed their family duo into a great play on screen. The actors co-starred in the most romantic dramas; they played Anthony and Cleopatra as well as Romeo and Juliet. It was probably a rare case when two people who lived together managed to turn their personal passion into successful work collaboration. Unfortunately, when Vivien discovered she suffered from a mental illness, her husband couldn’t deal with it. The most beautiful and legendary couple broke up.

‘Gone With the Wind’

Each great actor has one major lifetime role, and for Vivien Leigh, it was her part of Scarlett O’Hara in the iconic Gone With the Wind. The film had a huge success, and it’s still considered one of the most prominent masterpieces of the world cinematography.


But it appears that Vivien never thought the movie would be successful. In fact, the actress was even afraid it would be the major disaster in her career. Vivien told her husband about her fears. Holman tried to support his wife saying:

You have got to justify yourself in the next films by proving that the presumable failure of Gone W.T.W. was not your fault.

Fortunately, Vivien and her husband’s fears were not justified. Gone With the Wind has become a real hit and brought Leigh her first Oscar award. The film still remains the most popular love drama of all times.

Vivien Leigh became a worldwide favorite for millions of devoted fans. We will always remember this great actress for her incredible talent and amazing smile.

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