Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress She Wore To Sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”

Date December 19, 2017

After decades, Marilyn Monroe is still synonymous with style, beauty, and grace. Her exceptional performance of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” remains the most famous rendition of this song ever. But it appears Monroe struggled with certain difficulties to look perfect in her incredible shiny dress, which captivated the men’s attention during her performance.


A story behind Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress

An amazing dress that Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” made her face certain difficulties. The trouble-making gown was exclusively designed for Marilyn by a famous designer Jean Louis, who created awesome outfits for Hollywood royalty. The dress was embellished with over 2,500 hand-sewn crystals, which made her shine brightly at the spotlights.


But the problem was that the designer made incorrect measurements, and the dress was a bit small for Marilyn. Later, the star confessed it was so tight-fitting that she had to be sewn into it on the day of the official celebration.

It appears Monroe could hardly breathe in such a tight dress, and moreover, she had to sing for the president. When the actress finally appeared in a spotlight, she did her best to forget about the uncomfortable dress and perform her song. The audience’s positive reaction and numerous compliments prove that Marilyn actually coped with the task.

She was just extraordinarily beautiful.


In 1999, Marilyn Monroe’s dress was sold for over $1 million to one famous collector. And in 2016, the auction house “Julien’s Auctions” in Los Angeles sold the iconic gown to the museum for $4.8 million. Happy owners admitted:

This is the most famous item of clothing in 20th-century culture. It has the significance of Marilyn, of Hollywood, of American politics. Any museum in the world would love to have it.


Marilyn Monroe was a true woman and only ladies can understand what inconvenience she experienced while trying to fit in the tight dress.

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