True Hollywood Love Story: Jeff Bridges And Susan Geston Celebrate 40-Year Marriage Anniversary

Date December 13, 2017

When he asked her for a date, she turned him down. But when they met again, they no longer separated. Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston live in a happy marriage for 40 years. So, what is the secret of this incredible couple?


How it all started

Jeff Bridges was already worldwide famous actor when he met Susan Geston. Bridges has just won his Academy Award for his great role in Crazy Heart. The star was a heartthrob for millions of female fans, but he didn’t rush to get involved in serious relationships. At least, he thought so until he met Susan.

Jeff and Susan first met while filming Rancho Deluxe. He was a leading actor; she was a waitress in the local café. Once, Bridges went there for a dinner after a hard-working day. He saw Susan and felt he had to ask her out:

I knew I was madly in love with my wife the minute I saw her.


The actor asked Susan for a date, but she turned him down, adding if they really match each other, she believes they will meet again. And they met. A couple of days later, Jeff and Susan crossed in a local bar. This time, the lady agreed to dance with the handsome fellow. From that moment, they dance together for 40 years of their happy marriage.


Happy 40th wedding anniversary, Jeff and Susan!

This year, Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston celebrate the 40-year anniversary of their marriage. The couple has three wonderful daughters. It’s amazing how after so many years, they still have that sparkle between them. Jeff said:

Our marriage just gets better and better every year.


Jeff and Susan explain a reason for their lasting and successful marriage is their common ability to take all ups and downs in their relationship as a normal thing. Being together for such a long period is not always easy. They even used to fight sometimes, but eventually, they found out a perfect solution - letting the other talk until they've finished with no interruptions. As the couple celebrates their 40th anniversary, it looks like this method really works.


We also congratulate Jeff and Susan on their 40th anniversary. This great couple is able to restore one’s faith in love and marriage.

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