Ami Brown: ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gets Miraculous Recovery From Cancer

Date December 20, 2017

God heard the prayers of Amy Brown’s family. Alaskan Bush People star got miraculous recovery after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The Brown family members called it the happiest day in their lives and shared an exclusive video on how they surprised mom Ami with a festive celebration in front of Christmas.

Amy’s miraculous recovery

When the worldwide favorite Ami Brown was diagnosed with cancer, millions of fans started praying for her recovery. A terrible diagnosis was a shock for the whole Brown family, especially for Ami’s children. The star had to move from Alaska to California to undergo a necessary treatment, but the doctors’ forecast wasn’t encouraging. Ami’s son, Bam, said:

Once we got the call that it was cancer, part of me just, like, wanted to run away.

Ami’s 14-year-old daughter Rain suffered more than others as she is the youngest member of the Brown family. Rain shared her fears on social media.

But if you believe in miracles, they eventually happen. After a complicated treatment, Ami Brown is making considerable progress. According to the Channel representatives:

Ami has finished chemotherapy treatment and they are scheduled to start filming in a few weeks.

The Brown family confirmed the great news:

Her lungs are clear. She’s still weak, but if you look inside her eyes that’s the best part because Ami’s back.

The happy reaction of all Alaskan Bush People fans is truly adorable.

Doctors and the whole Brown family call Ami’s recovery a true Christmas miracle. To celebrate the great news, the Browns decided to surprise Ami with incredible festive celebration. They decorated a Christmas tree, set a festive table, and wore adorable Santa’s hats. You can watch this heartwarming moment in the video below.

Ami and her wonderful family have a great reason to be grateful to God this Christmas season. True miracles exist, and Ami’s incredible recovery is a vivid proof. We are so happy for Ami and the Brown family and wish them all the best for Christmas.

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