Gerard Piqué Opens Up On The Lovely Story Of How He Asked Shakira For The First Date

Date December 26, 2017 09:51

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are one of the most lovely celebrity couples. Even 10-year age difference doesn’t prevent them from being happy together and raising two adorable kids. Let’s find out how it all began with this beautiful couple and how Gerard asked Shakira for the first date.

Допис, поширений Shakira (@shakira)

It’s all started with football

Shakira and Gerard first met during the Football World Cup in 2010. Shakira came to Madrid to record her song “Waka Waka,” which became the official anthem of the tournament. Many famous football players took part in making a video for the song, and Pique was one of them.

Later, Gerard confessed he was totally hypnotized by Shakira’s beauty. He knew the star would sing at the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup in South Africa. He used his sources to get her phone number and decided to make her a call. And what do you think Piqué told Shakira? He asked her the most adorable thing ever:

She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony and I asked her what the weather was like.

Gerard understood it was a “silly” question and thought her response would be like “bring a jacket,” but Shakira surprised the football player telling him what the weather was like in every detail.

Допис, поширений Shakira (@shakira)

Shakira was singing in the final, where the couple had a chance to meet personally and know each other better. What was the result of the Football World Cup? Gerard Piqué won his trophy - incredible Shakira. The singer commented on their relationship:

I know he’s the one person who is with me not because of any interest other than the love that unites us.

Today, the stars have two wonderful kids and often appear on public events holding hands and looking totally in love. Shakira even recorded her new single “Me Enamore,” which tells the story of how she met Gerard. It starts with these heartwarming words:

My life started to change the night that I met you.

Who would have thought that football is able to unite two loving people? Shakira and Gerard look really happy together and seem to enjoy their family life.

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