List Of Things That All Members Of The Royal Family Do On Christmas: A Festive Menu, Soccer Match, And Other Traditions

Date December 14, 2017

All families have their own Christmas traditions, and the royal family is not an exception. The royals know how to spend quality time on holidays. So, what do they eat on Christmas and how do they spend this awesome day in general? Let’s find out the main royal traditions.

How the royals spend Christmas

Traditionally, the closest members of the royal family gather together in their country house in Norfolk. By the way, this year, Meghan Markle is going to join her fiancé, Prince Harry, his brother William, and Kate Middleton for Christmas celebration.


The royal brothers, William and Harry, have recently started a good tradition of their own. They play soccer with local villagers. We wonder, whether the locals succumb or not.


In the morning, Her Majesty always attends church and gives donations. Like other people on this day, members of the royal family also exchange Christmas gifts. But they haven’t used to present each other with something really expensive. Mostly, they share some jokey gifts. Once, Prince Harry presented Her Majesty with a shower cap. It seems the royals have a good sense of humor.


Regarding Christmas decorations, Queen Elizabeth prefers a minimalism in the décor. A big artificial Christmas tree, which is already 30 years old, is placed in the dining room.

In the afternoon, all royal members listen to Her Majesty’s annual Christmas speech, which is broadcasted around the world. This year, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly going to include her congratulations to Harry and Meghan to her official speech.

What they eat on Christmas

Traditionally, Her Majesty and her family begin this day with drinking tea. But as it’s not an ordinary morning, they also eat delicious sweets and oatmeal cookies with jam for breakfast. By the way, Queen Elizabeth prefers dark chocolate with mint as her favorite sweet treats for holidays.


Festive dinner is usually served at 7 p.m. As a rule, it always includes turkey, in fact, even two. In addition to the turkey, there are different stuffing, chestnut, roast potatoes, vegetables, and Brussels sprouts. And of course, they eat an English pudding for dessert. A chef also makes a Christmas cake and it’s also quite “traditional:”

It is always fruitcake – royal icing, marzipan and the traditional fruitcake.

While the adults usually dine in the main room, the young Princes and Princesses eat in the nursery, looked after by their nannies.


It’s obvious that the royal members follow and respect their customs and traditions. What do you think about Christmas celebration in the royal family? We wait to hear your opinion.

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