WWE Star, John Cena, On Why He Proposed To His Girlfriend In Front Of A Million People

Date December 13, 2017

If someone asks you to name a couple of the most romantic places to make a proposal, a wrestling ring will probably be at the end of this list. But for John Cena and Nikki Bella it appears to be just the perfect place. WWE star surprised his fiancée with an unexpected wedding proposal in front of a million people. Let’s take a look how it was and find out the wedding plans of this beautiful couple.

The most beautiful WWE couple

When you are a famous sports star and actor, it can be problematic to find time for serious relationships. Fortunately, John Cena managed to find his love literally on the wrestling ring.

The couple started dating five years ago. They got a status of the most beautiful WWE couple. Cena confessed he and Nikki Bella perfectly match each other, they share common interests, and don’t have to separate even at work. Though, John and Nikki are really happy together, the wrestler didn’t push on making it all official.

Finally, a couple of months ago at the WrestleMania, John Cena surprised his girlfriend with an unexpected wedding proposal. The star explained he could propose in different ways, but the WWE was his family and he wanted to do something to remember for the rest of his life. He got down on one knee in front of a million audience and popped the main question:

I’ve been waiting for so long to ask you this. Will you marry me?

Nikki said “Yes”, and today the happy couple reveals their wedding plans. John says he wants to arrange a small and intimate wedding, but it’s probably not going to happen considering a large guest list. Nikki has a big family and she plans to invite all her relatives to the ceremony.

Despite the couple still hesitates about the exact date and wedding location, Nikki has already picked up the dress and chose her maid of honor. Bella says she really enjoys her role of fiancée:

I think it’s because I waited so long to get engaged and now I’m just happy being a fiancée.

You can watch Cena’s heartwarming proposal in this video:

John and Nikki look so happy together. We wish them to arrange the best wedding and wait for new heartwarming moments from their marriage life.

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