Catherine Deneuve Defends Men’s Rights And Shares Her Controversial Opinion About #MeToo Movement

Date January 12, 2018

#MeToo movement has become the most significant event of the previous year. Time magazine even called its participants their Person of The Year 2017. But it appears not all women share #MeToo ideas. A famous French actress Catherine Deneuve signed an open letter published in Le Monde magazine accusing #MeToo of being a "witch-hunt".


Catherine Deneuve shares her controversial opinion

The aim of the #MeToo movement is to stop sexual harassment. This problem has raised public attention during the last year and spread far beyond the borders of Hollywood. Among those who were the first to talk about sexual harassment were actress Ashley Jud, singer Taylor Swift, and Susan Fowler.

Later, a lot of other famous women join #MeToo. During a recent Golden Globes ceremony, all Hollywood actresses were wearing black gowns to show their protest against sexual harassment.


However, not all women share the same ideas. Recently, Catherine Deneuve along with 99 other French women wrote an open letter to Le Monde magazine and accused #MeToo movement. The star made an accent on a "puritanism" sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals. It is said in the letter:

Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone's knee or try to steal a kiss.


Deneuve accuses a public mood in which women are seen as powerless victims. In her turn, the actress called men to be true victims of #MeToo.


Among other 99 women who signed the letter were an actress Christine Boisson, a journalist Élisabeth Lévy, a writer Catherine Millet.

This letter caused a diverse reaction on social media. One Twitter user wrote she regretted the inability of all women to speak in one voice.


Deneuve’s letter caused a vivid debate among French people. Anyway, everyone deserves to express his/her own opinion. What do you think?

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