Luis Fonsi Dedicated His World Favorite Hit ‘Despacito’ To A Very Special Person In His Life

Date December 22, 2017 17:29

 What does it feel to be an inventor of the most watched hit that counts already 4.5 billion views on YouTube? Luis Fonsi, a talented singer who has become world famous after a release of his song “Despacito,” answers this question in almost every interview. Today, we will find out to whom the handsome singer has dedicated his awesome hit.

Luis Fonsi on his greatest hit ‘Despacito’

Some people think that Luis Fonsi has become popular in just one day after he released his song “Despacito.” But the truth is that Luis is involved in a singing career for almost twenty years. Fans keep asking the star what does it feel like to create the most watched video ever? Fonsi just shakes his head and says:

I still can’t believe it. I'm just so blessed and so honored. It's been 20 years doing this and to be able to have a song that really connects with people at this level, it's really special.

This year, the Spanish singer was nominated for three Grammy awards, among which are the song of the year and the record of the year. And not so long time ago, Luis finally confessed to whom he wrote his passionate hit. It’s his beautiful wife, Águeda López.

Fonsi on his relationship with Águeda López

Luis met a Spanish model, Águeda López, in 2011, but the couple got married three years later. They have a daughter, who is 6 years old. In 2016, Águeda gave birth to their second child, a son named Rocco. Luis commented this great news:

I’ve had probably the best year of my life.

The singer is not shy to express his romantic feelings to his beautiful wife. He says she is a special person in his life and a devoted mom for their two kids. In one recent post, Águeda shared a picture of herself doing yoga with their little daughter. How sweet is that?

Luis says the thing he appreciates most of all is that his wife always keeps the romance alive in their relationship. They often have date nights and romantic getaways together. In fact, his gorgeous and loving wife was the one who inspired Luis to write his hit “Despacito.”

His first thought was to invite Águeda to shoot in the video with him, but then, Fonsi decided their mutual chemistry should stay in private.

In one of her posts, Águeda confessed to her loving husband:

I’m happy, grateful and proud of the man, husband, and dad you are.

Now, we know the mystery behind the world favorite song. The clue to its success is love, which inspires men for great and beautiful deeds.

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