Michael Buble Recalls His Son's Terrible Diagnosis And How The Family Went Through The Battle And Won

Date May 17, 2019

2016 was definitely the hardest year for a popular singer Michael Buble. His son got a terrible diagnosis. Fortunately, God heard the prayers of the boy’s parents, and now, little Noah is completely recovered.











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A terrible diagnosis

Michael Buble, a talented and worldwide famous singer and songwriter, has never thought something terrible could happen to any member of his wonderful family. But two year ago, his little son Noah, who was 3 years old at that moment, had been diagnosed with a terrible disease, the liver cancer.










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Michael was just in the mid of preparations for the Brit Awards, but when the singer heard life-changing news, he canceled all his plans. Buble said it was the most horrifying news he could get as a parent. The singer and his wife were totally devastated. Buble shared his thoughts on Facebook:


A brave boy won the battle with cancer

God heard the prayers of Noah’s parents. Buble thanked the doctors who discovered the terrible disease until it began to progress. The singer said those people who face cancer will understand how hard it is for patients and their relatives fight for complete recovering. And the worst thing that could happen to any parent is to find out your kid is ill.











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Fortunately, the boy underwent all the necessary treatment, and now, the doctors say he’s completely recovered. Michael Buble and his wife expressed their gratitude to all people who showed their support to the boy.

We'd like to thank all people that have sent their prayers to our little boy.

Little Noah is a very strong boy. Despite his little age, this kid has passed through a lot of difficulties. Buble says he is very proud of his brave son.











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Now Noah is in remission. We’re so happy for Michael Buble and his little son!

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