Prince Harry Accepted The Award On Behalf Of Princess Diana And Gave A Speech About The AIDS Problem

Date October 17, 2017 09:10

Princess Diana was probably one of the most outstanding members of the royal family. She was kind, generous, and compassionate. Diana was also known for her charity work and significant social achievements. The 20th anniversary of Lady Di’s death reminded people about all good things she did during her lifetime.


Recently, Prince Harry received the Attitude Legacy Award for his mother’s great contribution work directed to help HIV and AIDS patients. Prince has long decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and now takes part in a large number of charitable projects:


In his speech, Prince Harry told that Diana managed to influence human minds and changed the overall attitude towards the disease. She shook hands with the AIDS patients, showing by her own example that we don’t need to avoid these people. Lady Di wanted to raise the public awareness that HIV infection could not be transferred from one person to another during a casual contact.


The royal member admitted that his mother always felt responsible for other people and tried to spread the word about this disease. Diana could find the key to raise social compassion and reach out to everyone who needs help. She called for people’s humanity and asked not to push the AIDS patients away.


William and I are incredibly proud of what our mother achieved. And we thank you for awarding her the Legacy Award.

Prince Harry said that he was sure that Diana would be glad to continue her social work and do a lot of good things to help people with AIDS. He was incredibly proud of what his mother achieved and the countless lives she saved. Like his mother, Prince Harry also puts the great efforts into the charity work. He even got a public test for HIV to raise awareness on the World AIDS Day.

You may watch Prince Harry’s powerful speech in the video below.

During her life, Diana managed to change the public attitude towards the victims of the AIDS disease. It’s great that her sons also follow her steps and try to make their own contribution to solving this important problem.

Source: ABC News

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