Rules And Regulations Of Some Countries That A Person Should Know While Traveling Abroad

Date October 17, 2017

Before you start traveling, you need to learn certain rules and restrictions functioning in the country you are going to. Just remember that the same phrase may have absolutely opposite meaning in various countries, and your everyday gesture may cause a different reaction. We gathered the most interesting rules that you shouldn’t break under any circumstances while traveling abroad.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, it is a sign of rudeness to take the last piece of food from the table until someone offers it to you.

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In Malaysia, it is forbidden to wear shoes when you enter someone’s house. Also, don’t point your forefinger at things. You should use the thumb instead.

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It is considered a bad sign to give an even number of flowers as a gift. People in Russia bring an even number of flowers only to funerals. So, be careful when buying flowers as a birthday present.

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Never finish everything on your plate because it means that a host didn’t provide you with enough food. Also, never let someone else pay the bill without putting up “a little fight” for it.

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It’s strictly forbidden to drink, smoke, or eat publicly during Ramadan. Also, never carry alcohol openly in public.


Never enter someone’s house without something to offer. Even, if you come to your neighbor for the first time and just want to say “Hi”, it is recommended to bring some dessert or fruits.

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Never leave your plate with food on it. Just don’t mix it up with China. Also, don’t kiss in public in India.


Japanese people do not give tips. It’s considered rude. And they don’t hug in public. So, please, do not hug a waiter while giving him/her tips. Double mistake!

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Don’t congratulate anyone on his/her birthday before the day itself. People in Germany believe it’s a bad sign, and one can even die before the special date.


Don’t give anyone the “OK” sign. It is considered an obscene gesture. So, if you don’t want to run into a trouble, just keep the hands in your pockets.

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So, keep in mind these rules while traveling to other countries. If you liked our collection of the forbidden things, just let us know in the comments, and we’ll prepare for you some more rules for traveling abroad.

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