Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Received A Puppy As A Birthday Present For His 65th Anniversary

Date October 17, 2017

Searching for a gift for a relative, friend, or co-worker can be a tough task. We need to know a person’s character, interests, and hobby to choose something that he/she will appreciate. It can be useful to make a list of all things a person is interested in before going shopping. And, of course, it’s better to make a present personal in a certain way, namely write a poem or sing a song, thus including a little bit of your own creativity to impress a person you want to congratulate.

What do you think, is it simple to find a perfect gift for a president? It should be something interesting and not trivial. Recently, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, received a cute puppy as a birthday gift from the leader of Turkmenistan. He celebrated his 65th birthday on October 7th.


Putin is a dog lover. He already has a black Labrador, Koni, who was also a present from the Russian Defense Minister. Putin likes big dogs. Ha says that they are strong, fast, and kind, and he can’t imagine why some people don’t like these amazing creatures.

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In the video from the meeting of two presidents, we can see that Putin was impressed. He couldn't stop smiling. Perhaps, it will be a good idea for all countries’ leaders to bring their pets to the official meetings. It can help melt the ice and establish warm relationships between nations.

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You can watch Putin’s reaction when he saw the puppy in this video.

All people like receiving the gifts, and Vladimir Putin is not an exception. It’s great that the little puppy could bring a smile on his face and cause a storm of positive emotions.

Source: Edition CNN

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