Useful Tips That May Help Make A Good Wedding Speech

Date October 17, 2017

A wedding day is an important event for everyone, including a happy couple, relatives, and friends. As a guest, you might be asked to say a wedding speech for the newlyweds. Of course, some people are gifted orators, but others cannot easily speak in front of a crowd. Making a wedding toast is trickier than you think.  Here’s a basic outline, which can help everyone make a good wedding speech.

Find your style

The wedding speech is often expected to be full of funny comments on the subject of marriage and self-deprecating remarks. If you're hilarious, you may use this approach. But if making jokes isn't your thing, don't feel pressured to be a comedian, just stay yourself and speak sincerely.

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Know your speech

Practice your speech before delivering it. Try not to speak too loud or too quiet. You should find the right timbre of your voice. In case you have some problems with your memory, make the notes. But don’t read the whole text from the paper. We advise using the cue cards. They will not distract you from the speech.

Check the audience

A wedding party is a great opportunity for all relatives and friends to gather in one place. But usually, most of these people barely know each other. That’s why, while working on your speech, keep in mind that one phrase can have a different effect on a bride’s mother and groom’s college mate.

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Pick an appropriate quote

A lot of people like to include quotes to their wedding toast. It actually works great. But try to choose an appropriate quote, which is relevant to the event. For example, this one is definitely not the best choice for the wedding: “So many books, so little time.”

Be careful with jokes

If you have a couple of funny stories about the groom’s exes, just throw them away. Telling the good jokes requires real skills. A joke should not offend anyone’s feelings, especially the newlyweds. It should be relevant to the style of a wedding.

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Be yourself

Do not pretend that you are giving a speech in the Congress. Try to speak confidently but from your heart. Warm and sincere words can melt the ice, even if you feel panic during speaking in front of so many strange people. Be yourself and stay positive, and everything will be ok.

Successful wedding speeches are all different, but they have certain elements in common. A good wedding speech must be sincere, kind, and simple, and it must reflect your warm feelings. We hope you liked these tips. If you have your own advice on making a wedding toast, please share it in the comments.

Source: Hellomagazine