5 Celebs, Their Eye Color And Character Traits

Date November 17, 2017

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Some people may call this a cliché but actually, our eyes reveal more about our personality type than we might think. One aspect of eyes that helps others read us as an opened book is our eye color. These celebs most likely match the temper with the color of their charming eyes.

Brown eyes (Antonio Banderas)


Brown color is the most common eye color in the world. In fact, 55 percent of the world's population has it. People with brown eyes are confident and sensitive at the same time. They are natural born leaders.  They don’t like to ask for advice, on the contrary, they want to teach others in their surroundings to do certain things in the only right way (‘their’ way).

Blue eyes (Jared Leto)


People, who have blue eye color, are positive and energetic. They are family-oriented and draw other people like a magnet. Blue-eyed people don’t like to argue. They can cancel their own plans for looking after their neighbor’s kids and no one will hear a whimper from them.

Green eyes (Milla Jovovich)


Green-eyed people are mysterious and curious at the same time. They are very passionate and they do not shy to express their feelings. People with green eyes often show compassion to others and never hesitate to offer a helping hand.

Grey eyes (Meryl Streep)


People with grey eyes prefer to keep a life balance. They know exactly who they are and how they can achieve their life goals. They are rational and usually plan everything in advance. Grey-eyed persons are not easy-goers, however, at the right time, they don’t mind to have some fun with a couple of close friends.

Dark or black eyes (Will Smith)


People with dark and black eyes are very reliable. They never give false promises; they enjoy taking care of people they love and do their best to make them feel satisfied and happy. Dark eye color symbolizes a confident and strong personality. These people are extremely self-motivated and they possess immense mental strength.

We hope this information will help everyone depict more about different personality types. Please, share your thoughts with us.

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