Christopher Duffley Is A Blind Boy With Autism Who Sings From His Beautiful And Pure Heart

Date March 14, 2018

Christopher Duffley has not only a voice of an angel but also the soul of one. His personality is a pure inspiration to everyone in this world. The blind child diagnosed with autism shows us that nothing is impossible with God’s help.

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Miracle birth

Christopher was born very prematurely, at only 26 weeks with cocaine in his system. He survived, and it was the first miracle in his life. The child was born completely blind and weighed 1 pound and 12 ounces. His father and mother were drug addicts and abandoned the child. That’s how Christopher got into foster care.

Kristina Bessolova /

Christopher's family

When Christopher’s aunt, Christine Duffley, found out about this, she was afraid. However, she prayed to the Lord to help her and give her a sign. And God answered the prayers in her heart. Christine says he told her not to fear and that he would take care of Christopher. Although the family had a lot of struggles and troubles, Christine raised the child like her own son. That is Christopher’s second miracle.

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Singing from his heart.

Christopher was diagnosed with autism and didn’t say a word until first grade. However, it became the boy's third miracle when his stepparents heard him singing. The child had a perfect pitch. He even felt the beat perfectly. If it is not God’s touch, then what is it?

The stepfather tells Christopher’s story before the boy stuns the crowd with his pure soul and singing:

In this video, 10-year-old Christopher sings a song called “Lean On Me”.

We all had three miracles in our lives. We were born. We had a family. We have something special inside us. Something that cannot be seen by eyes, but only felt by hearts. Christopher Duffley shows us this truth.

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