"Perfect Mariage" Does Not Exist: Chip And Joanna Gaines Share Their Believes

Date February 19, 2018 10:06

Everybody wishes his or her marriage to be perfect. However, Chip and Joanna Gaines believe that there is no such thing. It’s simply a fairytale for children. Marriage is mostly a commitment.

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How it all started?

The stars of HGTV’s Fix & Upper (2013) Chip and Joanna Gaines have been married for almost 15 years already and have 4 beautiful children. It was anounced that the 5th child is going to arrive this summer.

Recently, the couple shared their love story, and it’s so beautiful. At first, they were “polar opposites.” It is easy to explain. Their parents have very different views on life, security, prosperity etc. Joanna comments on their start of relationships:

He kind of scared me. I thought he was somewhat of a stalker. But then, I realized he has a really good heart.

However, Chip jokes about their love story. He’s saying that when he came over to Joanna, he wanted to ask her sister out. And when Joanna replied that her sister is married, Chip asked her out. Chip proposed after a year of dating, and ever since their relationship has been a rollercoaster.

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Secret for a happy marriage

Every Fix & Upper fan knows that Chip and Joanne Gaines have nearly perfect relationship. However, the truth about happy marriage is not in love or how well people are matching. It is all about commitment:

The same applies to almost every part of humans' life. You most likely will not succeed at something if you are not committed to it.

People's opinion on "perfect marriage"

There are many people around the world who think the same way about marriage:

Listen to your partners, embrace them as they are, and commit to your relationships! We wish all of you love and happiness!

What do you think about perfect marriage, and how to make it possible?

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