Family Feud: These Popular Siblings Really Don't Seem To Like Each Other Much

Date February 5, 2018

Being a part of a family can be an awesome experience. The opportunity to form strong bonds while sharing everyday experiences provides a solid foundation for growth. Sharing is a big part of being with family. Whether in good or bad times, it is usually easier to overcome obstacles when people are united.

However, families are not always rosy and happy. Sometimes, conflict may arise due to various reasons. There may be disagreements about finances, or some members of a family may be uncomfortable with a particular relative. In many cases, a seed of discord is sown.


Even jobs can cause trouble in a family. Children may be disgruntled if parents spent a lot of time away at work and less at home. Again, parents may have different stands on discipline when it concerns children.

And then, there is the issue of friction between in-laws. Merging families presents a whole new world of complications, which may escalate if not handled with care. This often ends with family members not seeing everyone for long.

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Celebrity sibling squabbles

Celebrities have their own family troubles like regular people. And these are some celebrities who don’t get along well with members of their family.

1. Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian

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Kim has been at loggerheads with her brother over his suspected drug use and his relationship with Blac Chyna. There was an escalation with Rob gaining weight and finally ending appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

2. Adele and her step-brother Cameron O'Sullivan

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Adele did not meet her half-brother Cameron O'Sullivan until 2007. Relations between her and her father had already been strained and having a new addition to her life didn’t help much. She did, however, reach out to Camron in 2016.

3. Jennifer Aniston and her brother A.J.

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Relations between these two have been frosty with A.J. using not-so-choice words to describe his popular sister. They were last seen together in 2004 at the premiere of Along Came Polly.

4. Halle Berry and her sister Heidi

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Halle and her sister Heidi stopped talking to each other when they were in their mid-20s. Halle never talks about her sister although she speaks freely about years of abuse suffered from her father.

5. Lindsay Lohan and her half-sister Ashley

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Ashley was 17 when she revealed that Lindsay was her half-sister, but the two never got along. Tensions were at a high when Ashley got reconstructive surgery to look like Lindsay.

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Managing relationships in families

Healthy communication is essential to maintaining relationships in a family. It is usually a lot warmer when people learn to listen to each other, rather than pass judgment.


Avoid making accusatory statements. If something is on your mind, share it saying “I” instead of using “you”. For example, say “I am upset that at all the arguing” instead of “You argue too much. What is your problem?”

Finally, feedback and responses should be constructive. There is always an opportunity to encourage and uplift a family member, even in the most obtuse situations. And the more time you share with family, the stronger your communication will be.

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