Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner's Son Left A Touching Note For A Stranger

Date January 23, 2018

Samuel is just over 5 years old, and he tries to follow in his celebrity parents, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The couple are known for their philanthropy and kindness. Last week, Jennifer shared a sweet post on her Instagram of a note that Samuel left at the local library.

The note was handwritten and read, “Hello, you are loved. I believe in you."

When the librarian finds a love note your son tucked into a picture book...♥️♥️♥️♥️ #actsofkindness #spreadlove #belikemlkjr #lovenote

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A delighted Jennifer was clearly pleased that her son tries to share love among people. It is indeed inspiring that the little kid thinks warm thoughts of others despite his age. We are sure some lucky librarian saw this and became happy.

Jennifer is big on charity

For several years, Jennifer has been particularly outspoken about causes that support children. She is an ambassador and also a trustee for "Save the Children". In September, she visited Houston just after Hurricane Harvey to meet with the residents, especially the kids.

Congratulations @norahweinstein & @kellysawyer on a ⭐️HUGE ⭐️ night for @baby2baby! Mothers and kids are lucky to have you in their corner. ❤️❤️❤️ #4milliondollars #Baby2BabyGala ----- Hair: @benskervin Makeup: @fionastiles Styling: @jillandjordan Support: @spanx

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The experience for Jennifer was touching as she recounts her conversation with one of the young survivors while speaking to PEOPLE.

Instead of saying, ‘We lost our house, all my toys are gone,’ he wanted me to know that his mom was okay. That spirit makes you really appreciate the good in the world.

One year ago... Hey Tennessee, How about this: you keep supplying beautiful kids and @savethechildren will keep filling their school’s bookshelves with books and their minds with words, words, words. I haven’t forgotten you, Perry County xxxx #FBF #investinkids #teachersareangels #soaretheserockytopkids

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Jennifer has been working with the foundation for the past nine years and is committed to helping children in rural America adjust in the wake of natural disasters. She is also big on community development projects that also provide enrichment for kids.

Separated but still cordial

Jennifer and Ben got married in June of 2005 but are now separated. In addition to Samuel, they also share two daughters, Violet, 12, and Seraphina, 9.

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Although they are now separated, the two still maintain a cordial relationship, especially because of the kids.

Earlier this month, they celebrated the 9th birthday of their daughter Seraphina in Los Angeles.

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The family also spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together in 2017. Ben was caught with his daughters at a showing of Hamilton just before the holiday season came to an end.

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