26-Year-Old Israeli Gardener Finds A 700-Year-Old Ring Featuring St. Nicholas, While Weeding In The Backyard


March 7, 2018 14:43 By Fabiosa

The Israeli gardener discovered a 700-year-old ring featuring St. Nicholas while weeding in a community in the Jezreel Valley. The ancient artifact appears to be the property of a pilgrim who is believed to have searched protection of the saint patron during his travels. 26-year-old, Dekel Ben-Shitrit, is proud to bring such an ancient ring to the world and will be glad to share it with the public realm.


Santa Claus origin

Nowadays St. Nicholas has received his place as a gift-bringer to his modern descendant Santa Claus. However, unlike the red-suited elderly man, the Greek Bishop used to be a real person. St. Nicholas was neither bearded nor a plumpy man but was the one to protect the children back in the III century.


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Later on, he was the one to bring children presents on the day of his birth, December 6, however, it was only until the XVI century. Shortly after the Protestant Reformation St. Nicholas stopped being regarded as the child’s patron, and the community needed someone else to bring the gifts to kids. That is how the image of a new patron, Santa Claus, was firstly developed in Europe and later traveled across the ocean to America.


Unprecedented discovery

Back to the story about the ring, it was undoubtedly proven that Dekel found the artifact with the image of St. Nicholas and his staff. The young Israeli has shared his founding on Facebook where it was later noticed by his neighbor Dr. Bror Ben-Yosef, the director of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s Lower Galilee Education Center.

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After that, the two went to the local antiquities authorities to evaluate the old ring.

This special ring is amazingly well preserved and will contribute a great deal to science. On the ring is the image of a bald man with a staff next to him. On preliminary examination, this seems to be St. Nicholas holding a bishop’s crook – his hallmark.

The authorities will award the 26-year-old gardener with a good citizenship certificate for informing in a timely manner about the ring.

Care about jewelry.

Every jewelry requires care, including the ancient artifact found by Mr. Ben-Shitrit. Even though the Israeli will not be going to take care of the ring by himself, he should know how to look after the shiny trifles.


Everything that he might need is a piece of aluminum foil, baking soda, salt, dishwashing liquid (1 tablespoon of everything), and a cup of warm water. By making a bowl out of the foil and mixing the ingredients inside, he would receive the perfect substance to make the jewelry great again.

Take care of yourself and your treasures. Keep them shiny so that they always highlight your charming beauty.


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