"I’m Not Afraid!": Jane Fonda Confesses About Her Attitude Toward Death, And Continues Enjoying A Careless Life

Date March 22, 2018 12:35

Jane Fonda celebrates her 80th anniversary and claims that she is not afraid of death. The American actress states that everybody is responsible for themselves and is entitled to get from the maximum out of life.


Everlasting beauty

She is 80, and she is fabulous. The Oscar-winning Hollywood star doesn’t count money while dealing with her occupation – for her, filming is the way she expresses herself. Fonda is among the eldest living actors, and she is not going to quit the job that brings her pleasure.


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Her body also attracts a lot of attention as Jane has developed her own fitness program supporting it with the video tutorials. Well, this woman could live forever.

No fear in front of the end.

Speaking of eternal life, Fonda has recently stated that she is not afraid of death. She claimed that in order to pass away with honor the one should work toward being remembered forever:

I think we all would like it to be in bed, surrounded by family and loved ones. To get there you have to work hard to heal the wounds and mend the fences. Because in the end it’s always what you didn’t do, not what you did.


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She is not afraid of the end result and is rather scared not to achieve the things that would make her the best person she could become.


Confession about the past

Her life was full of various events that earned her the appeal of her fans and made her one of the most hateful actresses in Hollywood. Her infamous photo in Vietnam has earned her a shaming nickname Hanoi Jane, and Fonda admits that she definitely made a mistake.

Hopefully, the fans will finally forgive her and forget the unpleasant episode to free the brilliant actress from the biggest concern of her life.


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