'I Was Scared': Stormy Daniels Reveals The Final Truth About Trump's Threats And Warnings

Date March 27, 2018

The truth about the scandalous affairs is finally here. Stormy Daniels has sincerely revealed all warnings, briberies, and even threatens that she suffered to hide the real story of the relationship between her and Donald Trump.


Truth on polygraph

Stormy Daniels is a person who is never going to stop. She decided to tell the world the truth, and she will eventually complete her mission.

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The polygraph test that she passed successfully not so long ago confirmed her truthful answer to the question whether she had unprotected love affairs with Donald Trump. Stormy’s lawyer has even paid $25,000 to get the rights to the video where the former adult film star confesses about the events of 2006 to the lie detector.

CBS 60 Minutes

The things didn’t end up with her proven statement. CBS TV host Anderson Cooper interviewed a 39-year-old adult film actress.

Washington Post / YouTube

During the conversation, Daniels explained her story in detail and added that unknown people threatened to silence her:

A guy walked up on me and said, 'Leave Trump alone. Forget the story'.

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Daniels stressed that Donald did not ask to hide their relationship. She decided to tell about Trump in an interview with InTouch magazine for $15,000 in 2011. However, it did not work out, and Stormy's fee was not paid, because the newspaper staff asked for a comment from Trump, and his lawyer threatened them with legal proceedings.

Washington Post / YouTube

Stormy also said that she signed the statements denying the affair under pressure from her lawyer and manager who claimed to turn her career into hell.


Melania after the interview

It is also worth mentioning that Trump’s wife, Melania, refused to return to the White House with Donald after the shocking interview was released to the public.

That is another unpleasant occasion in the relationship of the two. We are patiently waiting for the development of the story and hope things will settle down for the president’s family soon.


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