Losing Sense Of Marriage: 7 Celebrities To Have Had More Than 5 Spouses

Date February 23, 2018 13:51

Celebrities are always trying to achieve the best. Perhaps that is why they are getting married so many times to find their true love and constantly fail to do that.


Sacred ritual

Marriage is the most sacred ritual in the world. It is of utmost importance to find your ideal partner to be able to spend with him/her the rest of your life. Probably the most important feature of a successful marriage is patience.

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People, first of all, have to get used to each other, perceive their partner, and reach the inner balance between themselves. If you want to be a general’s wife — you need to marry a lieutenant. However, not everybody is honored with such significant patience.

7 celebrities who married 6 or more times:

1. Mickey Rooney: 9 wives

First married in 1942, the former child star had in total nine official wives. His last love, Jan, has been with him since 1978 until Mickey’s death in 2014.


2. Zsa Zsa Gabor: 9 husbands

After the first marriage in 1937, Mrs. Gabor had then eight husbands, until 1986, when she met Prince Frederic von Anhalt. He has been there for her when she suffered from the recent illness and eventually passed away in 2016.


3. Elizabeth Taylor: 7 husbands

The Academy Award-winning actress was married eight times but had seven spouses as she wed Richard Burton twice.


4. Larry King: 7 wives

The famous talk show host tied the knot eight times as he got married to Alene Akins twice. Started his never-ending wedding journey when he was 18, Larry is now married to Shawn Kind since 1997.

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5. Lana Turner: 7 husbands

During her 32 years, Lana managed to wed eight times but died alone in 1995. She had the only child from her second husband Stephen Crane, being married to him for just a few months.


6. Rex Harrison: 6 wives

Divorced from his first five beloved ones, Rex left his last wife, Mercia Tinker, a widow.


7. Tony Curtis: 6 wives

Unlike the previous heroes, Tony had his first marriage with Janet Leigh in 1951 which lasted for quite a while – 11 years. However, he didn’t manage to save it and continued his wedding adventure till 1998 when he found Jill Vandenberg, who spent her life until Tony’s death in 2010.


The meaning of marriage

Being of a holy background, nowadays marriage has lost its initial meaning. In XXI century fewer and fewer couples are willing to legitimate their relations. Women became more self-caring, and are not eager to limit their freedom until the age of 30 or even 35. Even though love is still strong, the original sense of marriage has unfortunately almost disappeared.