When Divorce Is Only The Beginning: 27-Year-Old Single Mother Builds A House For Herself And Her Kids

Date March 6, 2018 17:36

When you are on the verge of nowhere, there are two variants for you: either keep falling and eventually end up with nothing or pull yourself together and simply revive. When the 27-year-old mother of two kids was lacking a living place, she didn’t give up.

Together with her grandfather, Charlotte Sapwell built a tiny house with only $13,000 by avoiding a disastrous mortgage of almost half a million dollars.


Breaking point

For the single mother, the loss of her husband didn’t become the end of the world. Instead of complaining, Charlotte Sapwell decided to literary build her own life from scratch.

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She has borrowed $13,000 and a tiny bit of place (3x6) in her grandpa’s backyard and created a small house for less than five months. It was unmanageable for her to pay rent or take a mortgage that would cost her $300,000 – $400,000, so the decision was unique but totally justified.

Nothing is impossible.

The tiny masterpiece consists of five rooms, which is simply unbelievable for such a small place. The main lounge room has a cozy sofa and a TV set – nothing extra to rejoice yourself. The fully-fledged kitchen has the ability to perform everything like the conventional one. Two bedrooms – one for the boys, another for Charlotte – provide them with enough space and privacy to relax.

Moreover, there is even a dining room with a small table for the family of three.

I went from living in a massive home with my husband and kids to a tiny rented unit to this small space, and out of all the places I've lived this is my favorite

The stuff was bought from IKEA and Kmart, meaning the family has everything they might need. Charlotte states that she enjoys the new minimalist style and regrets nothing about the new way of life.

Single doesn't mean lonely.

With a surprising popularity, the young mother has started a blog where she describes the life of a single parent. She shares her previous experience, gives recommendations, and always advises to keep a stiff upper lip even in the most painful situations.

Such people simply deserve public admiration. We all hope that Charlotte will improve her life position and finds even more happiness in the upcoming years.


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