Everlasting Conflict Between Ellen DeGeneres And Caitlyn Jenner Regarding The Same-Sex Marriages: Why Are The Girls Quarreling?

Date April 2, 2018 15:27

The conflict between Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen is a topic that is soaked with controversy. While the transgender officially announced that she didn’t quite understand the non-traditional marriages during the online broadcast on the Ellen show, DeGeneres accused the former athlete of being too judgmental.

Difficult life

Caitlyn became a transgender in 2015, and since then, she has repeatedly claimed about the difficulty of changing your gender. She claimed that it was not for her benefit to motivate people for action, but with her example, she confirmed once the job was started, the result would be OK.

However, her single-minded view on the gender problem caused a long-lasting conflict with popular TV show host and member of LGBT Ellen DeGeneres.


Marriage issue

Back in 2015, former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner appeared on the air of Ellen's program and said that although she is a transsexual, there is no her support in the same-sex marriages:

At first, I was not for it. I am a traditionalist.

Caitlyn Jenner / YouTube

Since then, Caitlyn fell into disgrace with the LGBT community. Jenner tried to justify herself and exposed the allegedly twisted words of DeGeneres, who later commented on the claim, but as the broadcast was online, Jenner was also accused of lying.

Now, the black cat runs permanently between the celebrities – Caitlyn mentioned Ellen in her new book, putting her not in the best light.

Nicki Swift / YouTube

Meanwhile, DeGeneres promised that she would never invite Jenner to the show again.

Grudge match

Ellen does not want to see Caitlyn anymore. In addition, the transgender says that she is not going to meet Ellen either. Caitlyn suspects that the TV host made friends with her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, and deliberately vilifies her in the public eye.

We hope that the conflict will be solved soon, as such extravagant identities should not quarrel on the common topics.

Ellen Degeneres