Delusive Benefit From Using 'Night Shift': The Revolutionizing App For iPhones Is Less Helpful Than You Might Think

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April 3, 2018 17:11 By Fabiosa

The revolutionizing Apple update 'Night Shift' motivates people to stay with their devices even during their sleep time. However, is it really such a good idea? Let’s break it down.


Life-changing update

It is a common experience to surf the net right before drifting into the world of dreams. The evening news and a few viral videos will give you some food for the brain to think over before falling into a deep sleep. Smartphone users will agree that it is a convenient and efficient way to spend your time; however, they tend to forget about the health aspect.

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The telephone emits the blue light which allows you to see the screen even with the bright sunlight. Using your phone before going to bed means your brain thinks the sunlight still affects you and doesn’t let your body relax. Apple tried to consider this drawback and introduced their intriguing update – 'Night Shift'. It changes the tone of the screen, allowing to substitute the blue light with red, reminding of calm dusk. However, is it really helpful?


'Night Shift' issue

The blue light prevents our brains from producing melatonin – a hormone which prepares our bodies to sleep. This problem may be solved, but there are still several issues that make it harmful to use the device before going to sleep.

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First, the appearance of the 'Night Shift' mode can be perceived by iPhone owners as encouragement to use a smartphone in bed. However, to maintain good sleep hygiene, you should abandon things that distract your brain. Experts even recommend not to stay in bed and in the bedroom for more than 20 minutes if you are not going to sleep. For this reason, the applications for improving sleep can be called 'a double-edged sword'.


Of course, they help you keep track of sleep and work on improving its quality. But, on the other hand, they force you to use your smartphone before bed. Moreover, what happens on the screen of the smartphone distracts our brain severely. Notifications, social networks feeds, games, etc. break our peace that is exactly what we need before we go to sleep. For this reason, many experts recommend abandoning the use of electronic devices an hour before going to bed. Of course, it might be very difficult for the modern society, but it is much more helpful than using the 'Night Shift' mode.

Tips on calm sleep

Your sleep is a sacred ritual. In order to benefit from it as much as possible, you are recommended to get prepared for it properly.

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Put on comfortable pajamas and change it regularly. Be sure that your mattress and pillows do not cause any discomfort, while your sheets and pillowcases are clean and properly sized. During the daytime, reduce the time of your naps until you refuse from them completely. Finally, decrease the amount of caffeine that you consume with coffee and other products – that is one of the key features of a peaceful sleep.

Remember, your daily activity directly depends on how you spend your night. Therefore, it is not about the Mondays that make the beginning of the week horrible; it is only about the Sunday night and the way you prepare for and spend it.

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