Kids Respond On What They Think Of Donald Trump, And Their Answers Are Too Funny Not To Share

Date March 6, 2018

Kids’ world perception is unique, and their opinions are honest. Moreover, they are frank and always tell what they think. Children tend to take after their parents, and similarly to them react to the events happening around. So, let’s find out what they think about the 45th US president and see if their minds coincide with the adults' thoughts.


Sincere feedback

It is really adorable to watch the little ones getting acquainted with the new notions of life. Sometimes, you just need to show a kid what it is, but you can never guess what their reaction will be. Internet is now getting viral with the videos where the little cuties show their first feedbacks about stuff - hard rock, old computers, retro TV series - literaly everything that would make them react in a hillarious way.


Extremely popular nowadays is what children might think about popular rock bands of the past. Check this video of their reaction to AC/DC, and you will see that kids definitely have an eye for good music.

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Pop culture always evokes amazing reaction, but what about some more serious examples? Politics has penetrated into all spheres of life today, and kids' world is not an exclusion. Are you eager to know what your children think about the leader of America? Let's see how they respond to some tough political situations.


Kids' reaction to President

According to the recent polls, Trump’s rating among the American population is about 37%. However, that is the number featuring only adults. The kids’ reaction towards Mr. President is too cute not to share.

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Just like many older people, children are quite upset with his intentions to build a wall.

He wants to put a wall over Mexico, and I, like, love going to Mexico

Donald, you should have consulted your citizens before implementing your grand plans - maybe they just like traveling to the neighbor country. The interesting thing is that kids are not afraid of showing their honest reaction.


Donald’s small fingers are also a popular topic for discussion:

- What's the first thing you think of when I say Donald Trump?

- Small fingers and orange face...

Of course, the infamous orange skin must be also mentioned.


Kids seem to adore people with cute little hands and can’t stop talking about this. Also, some mindful children ask Trump to stop threatening North Korea:

I don't wanna get nuked.

It is also worth mentioning that Donald’s haircut seems to look cool enough but can’t be called the best one:

- Whose hair is cooler: his or yours?

- Mine.


Immortal parodies

People enjoy making fun of their president and his family. Constant parodies hit the internet one by one, and the next one seems even more hilarious than the previous ones. His recent flying hair made the internet build conspiracy theories, judging whether it is real, and Jimmy Kimmel couldn't stay on the sidelines.

Even though Mr. President is quite an influential person, he can’t stop people from making fun of him and his cute and remarkable appearance.

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Donald Trump Kids Funny