Daughter Finds The Killer Of Her Father 30 Years After The Murder And Gets The Revenge On Him

Date March 19, 2018

Joselyn Martinez finds her father’s killer 30 years after the murder. The entire family feels relieved after Justo Santos was finally put into the jail after so many years of avoiding the punishment.

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Childhood nightmare

On the morning of November 22, 1986, Joselyn’s grandmother received a phone call that changed the life of the family forever. Their dad was killed by a 16-year-old teenager who was harassing the staff of Martinez’ father restaurant together with his friends.

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Joselyn claims she had never heard her mother’s cry as she heard it that morning. The 9-year-old kid didn’t quite understand the situation as she was taught that her prayers could solve everything. The realization came later.

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Long-awaited revenge

The guilty teenager then escaped to the Dominican Republic, and as the country didn’t have any law enforcement agreements signed at that time, Santos was charged for the accidental murder, paid the fine, and spent a year in prison.

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That was not enough for Joselyn and her family. As she grew up, her only desire was to punish the impudent killer, so she spent years online to find Justo and bring him to justice. In 2013, she managed to receive some files from her father’s closed case and eventually found out that Santos was living in Miami, working as a janitor in the local police department.

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Due to the years passed, NYPD could do nothing about the case. However, Joselyn didn’t want to give up. Her following research found that the former murderer hadn’t declared his criminal past when he applied for the citizenship.

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Consequently, in 2016, Justo was arrested with the following imprisonment up to 10 years. Even though the charge was not related to her father’s death, Joselyn and her family have finally felt the relief they had been waiting for so many years.

Horrifying numbers

With the recent events in Florida High School, such accidents as Joselyn’s father death became even more relevant. In 2016, the number of gun-related murders was 4,000 more than it was in 2015 – 38,000. And with the events happened on February 14, entire America became worried for their safety.

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The solution is clear – people should not be ignorant and inactive, and the president should finally act.

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