Hidden Joke: Four Years After The Woman's Death, Her Family Reveals Her Last Hillarious Prank

Date March 14, 2018

People may have an amazing sense of humor even after leaving this sinful earth. The story of a deceased wife joking at her beloved husband has recently exploded the internet as their daughter shared it on her Twitter account.

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Happy family

Four years ago, Phedre Fitton left her family forever. She had been previously diagnosed with ovarian cancer and soon passed away. Their connection with husband was close, as they had been together since 16 years old. Phedre and Nigel traveled together, worked together, and simply were the best friends. Together, they had amazing daughter Antonia and later young grandson Jamie.

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Unfortunately, sometimes, life gets cruel, so Mr. Fitton was soon left alone. Before dying, his wife asked Nigel for a little advice – to keep watering her favorite plant – and the devoted husband obediently followed the instruction.

Mother's joke

It was until the recent times, when his daughter, Antonia Nicol, was helping Nigel to move his belongings to the retirement house. She surprisingly found out that the plant was actually fake, and all this time her father was watering green plastic.

The hilarious episode made the two reminisce the entire picture of what happened, so they understood that their mother simply pranked them after her death. What about water? Nigel explains that he assumed his toilet had a permanent leak.

Antonia has shared the story on her Twitter account which soon went viral on the internet. People were amazed with the prank after death.

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Forever with us

It is always a tar baby to endure the death of relatives. However, they must have found a better place somewhere, so there is no need to regret losing a person. Those deceased are always with us.

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