In A World Without Sound: Mandy Harvey's Inspiring Story Of A Deaf Singer Who Conquered America's Got Talent


Amanda Harvey is a 30-year-old singer who has recently conquered the America’s Got Talent show and has taken the audience by the storm. The only peculiarity which differs her from other contestants is that she has lost her residual hearing at the age of 18. How can a deaf person reach such tops and get famous in the sphere that must have been unmanageable for her? Let’s listen to Mandy’s story.


Singer with the condition

The problems with her ears have begun since the early childhood. Amanda had to go through several surgeries to try to improve her hearing abilities, and accompanied her struggles with the passion to singing.

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Her voice was mesmerizing, so Amanda was soon recognized at Longmont High School, where she graduated in 2006.

Despite all the attempts, she finally lost her hearing at 18 while she was studying at Colorado State University. Due to the unfortunate problem, the girl had to leave the educational establishment. However, she never gave up.

She continued improving her singing skills despite all challenges, and eventually, in 2011, Mandy won VSA's International Young Soloist Award. Unbelievably, that was not the peak of her career.

Meaningful performance

In 2017, Amanda dared to come to one of the most beloved shows in the country – America’s Got Talent. With her ukulele and own songs, she told the judges her story.

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After she dropped out of university, she thought that everything is over. However, her desire to continue singing allowed her to create a unique technique of perceiving the music. She uses her muscles memory, together with visual tuner, and simply trusts her pitch. To feel the vibration of her own voice, Mandy sings barefoot.

America's Got Talent / YouTube

In order to understand what happened next and see why she has received the Golden Buzzer, check the video with her adorable song "Try."

Inspiring book

Deaf people are special indeed. They require additional care to survive in this world. In order to support everybody who shares a common problem with Mandy, she has published the book with her inspiring story – Sensing the Rhythm: Finding My Voice in a World Without Sound.

You should never stop living. There is no end of your life, regardless of what has happened. Simply re-embrace your existence and continue enjoying the life.

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