Jane Fonda Faithfully Explains The Story Behind The Photo Which Has Earned Her A Nickname 'Hanoi Jane'


Jane Fonda confesses that she has made a mistake and regrets about her actions back in 1972, in Vietnam. She totally understands why Americans call her 'Hanoi Jane' and can’t forget that annoying photo on the anti-aircraft gun which earned her the reputation of an infamous activist.

Vietnam's capital nickname

At the beginning of 1970s, Jane Fonda was a well-known anti-Vietnam War advocate. She took part in numerous protests, strikes, and even riots alongside with American students and other activists.

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Her actions were quite understandable until the unfortunate events in 1972. At that time, a lot of journalists, diplomats, professors, and religious leaders were heading to Vietnam in attempts to end the war. The aim of her visit was similar, but the means she used were different. Her voice and appeals to cease the fire could have been heard on Vietnamese radio, broadcasted to American soldiers.

However, this was only the beginning. The accident which shocked and even outraged the Americans happened a few days later. Jane Fonda was pictured in a Vietnamese helmet, sitting on a hostile anti-aircraft gun, posing to the camera.

Actress' redemption

For this infamous photo, the American actress received the nickname which she can’t get rid of even until now – 'Hanoi Jane'.

Her reputation was immediately destroyed, and she was accused of betraying the nation. However, Jane herself has repeatedly confessed about the episode and explained what happened on that ill-fated photo.


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It was the last day of her visit to Vietnam, everybody was cheerful, excited, and the general mood was great:

Someone led me towards the gun, and I sat down, still laughing, still applauding. It all had nothing to do with where I was sitting. The cameras flashed. I got up, and as I started to walk back to the car with the translator, the implication of what had just happened hit me. 'Oh my God. It’s going to look like I was trying to shoot down U.S. planes'. I pleaded with him, 'You have to be sure those photographs are not published. Please, you can’t let them be published'. I was assured it would be taken care of.

Even though all the American journalists might have been checked, the place also featured Japanese photographers, who must have posted the photo later.


The actress also doesn’t exclude the possibility of the mean plan from Vietnamese side, stating that everything might have been set up, but still takes the fault only on herself.

People's understanding

Some people put themselves in Jane’s position and realized how bad she feels about the events happened. They understood her sorrow and forgave her.

We hope that the actress will find the compromise with the negatively set Americans and get the things going as normal.

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