Lauren Wasser Lost Her Two Legs Because Of Tampon And Now Warns Other Women To Be Cautious

Date May 16, 2019

A blonde with blue eyes and a bone structure, thanks to which she looked like an androgynous response of Lara Stone. Lauren Wasser had amazing opportunities until she lost her legs because of a tampon. Now, she warns others to be careful and use those hygiene products cautiously.

Amazing model

At 24, Lauren Wasser had everything she needed from life. She was a child of two models, having ideal parameters to get the same profession: 5 feet 11 inches.

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She rejected a basketball scholarship to pursue a career in the modeling business, which started successfully when she was two months old, in the Italian Vogue magazine, next to her mother. When she did not work as a model, she took improvisation lessons at Groundings, enjoyed basketball for fun, and traveled 30 miles by bike every day.

She had an apartment in Santa Monica, and she was part of the dazzling social parties of Los Angeles - not until a fatal day in 2012.

She lost her leg but not her will

It all started on October 3, 2017, when Lauren said she did not feel well – almost as if a cold had started. She also had a period and ran to a nearby store for tampons of her favorite brand. Later, she began to feel really bad and already within a few days could not get out of bed. She was quickly taken to hospital with a temperature of 40 degrees. Her internal organs refused to work, and she had a massive heart attack. Doctors could not stabilize her condition until they called the infectious disease specialist, who immediately asked: "Does she have a tampon?" The tampon was there indeed, and it was sent to the laboratory. There, they confirmed she suffered toxic shock. As a result, Lauren had her leg amputated.

Soon, she recovered. Her modeling business became ever more unique, as now her amputated leg was a feature that attracted even more fans. Her Instagram account was constantly increasing, with dozens of new photos appearing every day. Her prayers to God were heard, and it seemed the life was returning on its previous pace.

However, the infection returned. After several skin transplants and numerous surgeries, doctors insisted on amputation of the second leg. Next to the model, there always was her girlfriend, photographer Jennifer Rovero, who informed fans about Lauren's health condition in real time.






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Tampon warning campaign 

Wasser calls on the US government to pass a bill that will oblige manufacturers of female hygiene products to disclose the composition of the components used and inform about the possible harm to health. She also warns all the women to be cautious with tampons and use them really carefully in case there is no other alternative.

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Today, Lauren tries to enjoy her life as it is and even jokes about the situation, calling her feet small ones, which underlines her struggle to survive. We highly appreciate Wasser’s touching story and pray with all our hearts that the former model will not lose her zest for life.

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