Poor Childhood For Roseanne Barr: The Actress Suffered A Lot But Was Brave Enough To Forgive Her Parents

Date April 3, 2018

A talented actress and a happy mother of five beautiful children – that is where most of the women would like to be, and that is where Roseanne Barr is. Apart from this, she also has an adorable character which allowed her to forgive her family for the unpleasant childhood abuse.

Cheerful mom

Before becoming a leading actress of the Roseanne sitcom in 1988, the incredible woman was already married, raising up four beautiful kids.

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Her eldest daughter, Brandi, was born when the actress was only 17 years old. The kid was then given for adoption and spent 16 years without her biological mother.

Later, Brandi reunited with Roseanne, even becoming an assistant producer in her show. Barr married her first husband Bill Pentland in 1974 and spent 16 years with him until the couple divorced in 1990. They brought up three kids, making Roseanne an extremely happy mother.


Her second marriage was not featured with kids and lasted only four years until she tied the knot with her former security guard Ben Thomas. The couple had a son, Buck, who Roseanne delivered through assisted pregnancy.


Now, Barr is not married but lives with her partner Johnny Argent.

Childhood abuse

Nonetheless, her childhood didn’t seem to be happy. Roseanne Barr was heavily abused by her parents on the sexual background.


Her father used to burst into the bathroom to film the actress on his video camera. He was also claimed to have incestual relationships with his daughters. Her mother used to beat Roseanne and her sister heavily when the two were teenagers. Barr said that she kept all this information in secret and suffered a lot from this burden.


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However, as she reached the point in her career where she could influence the people’s lives with her own experience, she decided to speak out. First of all, she forgot everything that her parents did.


On Oprah’s show in 1997, Roseanne confessed about her parents’ actions, said that she harbored no grudge and was open to listen to them. Her parents remained silent. First, they rejected everything that she accused them of and soon stopped communicating at all.


The question that teases a lot of people, both young and old, is whether we should forgive our abusers. The topic has always been controversial, as there is no single view on the problem.

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Some consider forgiveness as an inevitable part of treatment from the mental problems, while others suppose that abusers should always be remembered. However, the choice is only after you to decide if forgiveness is your character trait or you prefer to keep in memory all the past events.

Roseanne Barr