Prince Charles Will Grant Independence To Australia, As Reported By The Former Country's PM

Date April 4, 2018 15:19

Prince Charles is planning to provide Australia with independence as soon as he gets to the throne. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating reports that the next-in-line for the crown has intentions to make the country a republic to let it live its own life.


The next king?

Prince William is now much popular among the UK citizens than his father. The recent poll has shown that the British would rather see Elizabeth’s older grandson on the throne instead of Prince Charles.

And even if the Queen enjoyed the idea, she wouldn’t have any power to fulfill it. According to the 1701 Act of Settlement, supported by the parliament law, a monarch’s heir must be the direct successor, and only the heads of government can make the final choice.


Moreover, William is still young and needs the experience that his father Prince Charles has.

First probable plans

As there are no obstacles on Charles occupying the throne, he has already begun to plan the future reign. Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating reports that the future king is going to make Australia independent from the Commonwealth and change the form of rule to the republic:

I have no doubt he believes Australia should be free of the British monarchy and that it should make its own way in the world.


Another former Prime Minister of Australia, Troy Bramston, commented on the words of his colleague:

Prince Charles would just want to do his duty, and he shouldn't be verballed by an ex-PM.

The Prince of Wales has always been known as a close friend of the Australian community and wished the country to be much more than a part of the monarchy.

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Camilla's fate

Prince Charles has always had his close advocate for becoming a leader of the country. His wife Camilla reportedly wants her husband to get the crown.

This way, she would be able to become the Queen. However, neither she nor the country is willing to see her with this title. With respect to Charles’ deceased ex-wife, Diana, Camilla will perhaps become the Princess Consort.


Therefore, we are patiently waiting for the 53 heads of government to decide upon the next leader of the country during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Prince Charles