Stylish Trump: Donald Amazed The Public With His New Weird Coat, And The Internet Couldn't Stay Silent About It

Date April 11, 2018

Donald Trump is amazing. He is the president that can make people laugh and cry at the same time. The 45th leader of the country will be remembered for many reasons, but this time, his outfit simply took the public by storm.


Weird outfit

Donald Trump has recently visited the White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, where he participated in a roundtable discussion on tax reform. On April 5, he returned to his residency in Washington and, as always, was pictured by paparazzi on his South Lawn getting out of the helicopter.


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However, this time, something was different. As soon as the pictures hit the internet, people paid much attention to Trump’s new coat that doesn’t suit him very well.

Twitter's reaction

Twitter's reaction was indescribable. People enjoyed Donald’s new look which was too weird not to make fun of. The coat was so adorable that some users managed to edit the picture so that it looked even more hilarious.

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Of course, the comments were corresponding.

Not much care

Yes, the coat definitely looks weird even without any photoshop. Hopefully, Donald’s designer is still working for the President, and nobody suffered after such "stormy" reaction.


Most likely, the President felt comfortable in the coat and will not pay much attention to similar Twitter feedbacks.

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