Miraculous Story Of A Deformed Dog: Despite The Distorted Face, 'Lucky' Managed To Find Hi

Miraculous Story Of A Deformed Dog: Despite The Distorted Face, 'Lucky' Managed To Find His True Home


April 24, 2018 16:20 By Fabiosa

The dog named Lucky has found his 'happy ending' after suffering from lack of love, during his previous unfortunate adoptions. The dog wasn’t popular in the shelter, but after several unlucky attempts, the true love is finally found.


Sorrowful story

Lucky was born in a puppy mill and was instantly noticed to be different. His distorted face was disgusting, and none of the families wanted to adopt him. After several tries to accustom to family life, he was constantly returned to the shelter regardless of being offered free.

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One of his last families in Austin, Texas, paid Lucky the least attention. They tied him to a tree without any proper place for sleep as well as lack of food. There was another adoption attempt after that and still no success. Desperate shelter workers lost any hope to find a family for Lucky until one social media post changed the lives of many.

Happy pup

After another grooming, a shelter volunteer decided to post a few photos online, when Jamie Hult immediately fell in love with the disabled pup:

It just happened to be somebody in my dog rescue world, so right away I contacted him and said, ‘I want that dog. I don’t even want to foster it, I wanna take that dog’.

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The happy owner had to deal with all the difficult conditions that were chasing the dog throughout his harsh life: Malnourishment, fleas, and even heartworms. $8000 were spent on Lucky’s treatment, but eventually, the dog totally recovered:

He was like skin and bones. It was a touch-and-go and we almost lost him once. I said to my vet, ‘I don’t care – for this particular dog, just do whatever you need to, and I will pay whatever it is'.


The year after his adoption, Lucky received a new owner, new home, and even a new name – Beaux Tox.

Miraculous transformation

The dog’s new passion is tie collection. His Instagram account is now full of photos, each featuring a different neck accessory. New toys keep Beaux Tox cheerful, and new friends are always there for him.

Regardless of his unfortunate appearance, Lucky has transformed totally and brings his family and fans only happiness and joy.

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