Being Born With No Arms Hasn't Stopped Linda Bannon From Experiencing The Joys Of Motherhood

Date April 6, 2018 12:48

Picture this for a moment: You don't have arms anymore. How would you perform basic tasks, like putting on make-up, texting your friends, or eating with a knife and fork?


She was born with a rare condition

But it hasn’t stopped Linda Bannon from doing all of that. She was born with the genetic disorder, Holt-Oram syndrome.

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It affects the heart and causes skeletal anomalies. She used prosthetic limbs until the age of 12, but threw them away when she realized they were more of an obstruction than an aid.

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She has since mastered the art of using her feet as hands, so she can swim, sew, write, and play her guitar with the best of them.

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She surely hasn’t let the condition which affects one in 100,000 hold her back. And her sunny outlook is infectious. In fact, the only thing she allows her husband Rick handle is the driving – and that is for safety reasons.

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It didn't stop her from enjoying motherhood

She met Rick at the gym, they bonded over weight-lifting and sit-ups. The two dated, fell in love, and Rick later proposed at the same restaurant where they’d had their first date.

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Before long, they decided to start a family, but they had to accept the possibility their child might inherit the disorder- it was at least a 50 percent possibility. Linda says:

We discussed having a family even before getting engaged. I always knew I wanted to be a mom so that it would have been a bit of a deal breaker. When Rick said he wanted kids too, we talked about the chance of them having similar disabilities to me, but he said, 'Yes, there may be challenges – but we could rise to them'.

Her own parents were unprepared when she was born, but were embarrassed when medical specialists recommended they put her up for adoption.

My parents were caught off-guard. But my father was very upset when doctors asked if they wanted to keep me. They didn’t want to even consider not keeping me.

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Now, they are a happy family

Favorably, times have changed, and when the Bannon’s son Timmy was born with with the same syndrome, the couple got a lot of support.


Linda wasn’t daunted by nappy changing and cradling him, bearing Timmy through heart surgery was difficult. She says:

That was the hardest part, worrying whether he would have any subsequent surgeries after the first one.

Linda has been able to pick on her own experiences when it comes to bringing up Timmy.

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Other people’s ignorance is something Linda still has to contend with, but she takes a pragmatic approach and doesn’t take offense. What a champ!

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