Strict Or Indulgent? Grandparenting The Trump Way

Date February 20, 2018

In May 2017, Eric Trump and wife, Laura, announced a new addition to the Trump family, leaving Americans to ponder on how many grandkids the 45th president has. And most importantly, what he is really like as a grandpa.

How many grandkids does the President have?


The real estate mogul turned President has been married three times (who could forget first wife, Ivana, and her calling Trump "The Donald"), has five children and nine grandchildren.


Of his five children, three are with ex-wife Ivana Trump (Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric), one is with ex-wife Marla Maples (Tiffany), and one is with current wife, Melania Trump (Barron).


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Of President Trump's five children, three of them currently have children. Besides Eric Trumps' newborn, the President's eldest son, Donald Jr., married to Vanessa Trump and since 2005, they have five children: Kai Madison, Donald John III, Tristan Milos, Spencer Frederick, and Chloe Sophia.


The eldest daughter, Ivanka, who is married to Jared Kushner, has three children: Arabella Rose, Joseph Frederick, and Theodore James.

In response to the question of the type of grandpa Trump is, Ivanka told Redbook:

He wouldn't know what to do if she was crying or needed a diaper change, although I think he'd figure it out.

Joseph watching Grandpa deplane Air Force One ????: Allen Eyestone via @pbpost

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In her father's defense, Ivanka was quick to point out that Trump dotes on his granddaughter "all the time," adding in her own life growing up, "he was always a great father in that he was always there."

Donald's grandchildren are welcome in the White House where they can play and look after grandad's work.

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Eric Trump's son is a regular guest of White House too.

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Grandparents are so important

Some grandparents are heavily involved in their grandchildren’s day-to-day life, looking after them when they are little, or perhaps picking them up from school when they are older. Others work or live further afield and see their grandchildren less often than that, but shower them with cuddles and affection when they do get together.

Whatever the case, grandparents are an essential figure for children, and not just because they are often more likely to let them have treats or break with routines than their parents.

Grandparents can often talk to their grandchildren in a way that the child’s parents can’t because they’re not as emotionally invested in the issue as the primary caregiver.

They have a wealth of knowledge gained through their lifetime and can share it with children as they grow. There’s even been research to suggest that people who spend time with their grandchildren are less prone to some diseases.

Spending time with grandma and grandpa can build emotional and social intelligence, along with lasting memories. What do you think the grandkids call Trump? Pop Pop? Gramps? Grampy Donald?

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