How To Get Your Christmas Cactus To Flower Again


December 27, 2018 15:13 By Fabiosa

Timing is everything with these flowering succulents.

Cactus is a very low maintenance plant

Cacti are typically desert-dwelling plants that thrive in dry and hot conditions. But these plants also make excellent indoor houseplants.

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Cacti are quite low-maintenance, which makes them an ideal plant for new gardeners and a great housewarming gift.

The secrets to growing healthy cacti indoors include providing them with plenty of sunlight, not overwatering, and using the right soil.

But how does one make a Christmas cactus bloom?

When you want to help your  Christmas cactus to bloom, you need to do several simple things. First of all, start with limiting the amount of water the plant receives. Begin sometime during fall, usually around October or the first part of November.

Also cut down on watering. Water should be just enough to allow the soil to remain slightly moist. Water only when the topmost (about 1 inch) layer of soil is dry to the touch. This will help the plant to enter dormancy. Dormancy is important for getting a Christmas cactus to bloom.

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Do not forget the light

The next step to force your Christmas cactus to bloom is simple. Move the plant where it will get about 12-14 hours of darkness. Indirect light during the day is okay; however, Christmas cactus needs minimum 12 hours of darkness every night. This will encourage bud development. Your Christmas cactus will also require cool temperatures.

The temperature should average out to about 50-55 degrees F (12 C). So, be sure the location is good and it accommodates both light and temperature requirements.

When you make your Christmas cactus to bloom just give it the proper care and right place. Your plant should receive the right light and temperature conditions. In this case, your cactus will bloom. It may also surprise you by continually producing blooms several times throughout the year.

Now you know how to make a Christmas cactus bloom. Our tips will help you enjoy the flower of this beautiful plant.

Happy gardening!

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