These Inspiring Celebrity Stories Prove That Divorce Is Not The End Of The World

Date March 19, 2018

People fear the word ‘divorce’. It’s considered a stigma, as in, congratulations, you have failed your marriage. The entire process is packed with devastating events. You not only lose the person you thought you were going to spend your entire life with, but a part of yourself as well. Not to mention the division of assets you two acquired together over the years.

But, is it really such a major tragedy? Divorce doesn’t happen all of a sudden, something led to it. If you and your spouse came to this decision, it means that you were unhappy together and you’re finally doing something about it. Yes, change is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Refuse to accept your friends’ sympathies and look forward to a better future.


It takes courage to look at your life; accept you’re unhappy, and fix it. Moving on won’t be easy, but you’re not the first to do that. There are countless inspiring stories of women reinventing themselves after the divorce, and some of them are celebrities we can look up to.

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Celebrities that prove the divorce is a success, not failure

#1 Tina Turner

Queen of rock-n-roll Tina Turner was strong enough to pull herself out of the abusive relationship with her ex-husband, Ike Turner, in 1978, and didn’t look back. Her fame skyrocketed to numerous platinum albums after she became a single woman and focused on her career.

"Simply The Best" singer always hoped that her example can help other women make this difficult decision and change their lives for the better.

#2 Martha Stewart

One of the most famous lifestyle gurus, Martha Stewart, started her first catering company back in 1972. But the real success started when she divorced her husband Andy Stewart, in 1990. What followed was Martha’s lifestyle magazine, cooking shows, books, and multimillion dollar brand behind her name.


#3 Eva Longoria

It seemed that there could be no trouble in the personal life of gorgeous Eva Longoria. But when the rumors of her husband’s affair surfaced in 2010, the public was shocked and devastated for her. Nevertheless, Desperate Houswives star successfully continued working on her TV show and turned to studying. As a result, she received her master’s degree in Chicano Studies from California State University.

Now, she’s happily married again and expecting a baby in 2018.

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#4 Helena Bonham Carter

The famous actress was her husband’s muse. Since they met in 2001, the legendary director Tim Burton loved Helena so much, he couldn’t stop casting her in his movies. And although never married, the couple lived happily together until their split in late 2014. The separation hit Helena hard, but she was able to pull herself together and move on.

I feel very self-sufficient at the moment. I’m just going to work out who I am on my own, and it’s quite liberating.

Since the split, Helena Bonham Carter starred in several TV shows and movies, showing no slowing down in her career.

#5 Jane Seymour

The award-winning actress was never afraid of change. Jane Seymour was strong enough to get out of four marriages because she was able to realize whenever something wasn’t working. Despite her divorces, she says that she’s still friends with her exes and has no regrets.

She is currently in a happy relationship with a director David Green and can proudly say that her career and personal life are a success.


Moving on with confidence

It’s hard to look forward to a better future when at the moment divorce is bringing you down. You should take this time to reflect on your personal self and prepare. There are many ways to make the transition process much easier.


Consider doing the following steps to feel better:

  1. Allow yourself to deal with pain. You don’t have to be strong all the time; if you need to let out emotions, do that. It’s very bad to keep anything bottled inside.
  2. Relax. Take some time off work and your usual life, spend some time with yourself.
  3. Reevaluate your goals. Now you’re allowed to do whatever you want. Think about what you really want from life and act accordingly.
  4. Try something new. Expanding your boundaries will distract you from whatever you’re going through and maybe bring a new hobby.
  5. Praise yourself. Recognize how strong you are for making this step. It will give you more confidence and make you feel much better.
  6. Give yourself a makeover. Changing a haircut or your entire look is exciting and fun. Chances are, you’re going to feel as a whole new person!
  7. Focus on work. This is the time to move up in your career - you have time and more energy. Get to it!

Have you ever went through a divorce? Share your experience, and maybe you can help others with your stellar example.

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