Doctors Rescued A Hungry Python With Slipper In The Stomach

Date March 28, 2018 10:58

The very unusual case has recently happened with the Coastal carpet python. HerpVet, the veterinarian in Mount Ommaney has posted the story on its Facebook account.

The python was brought to the clinic by the local snake catcher after it was found inside the house. It was evident there is something inside the snake’s stomach that needs to be removed immediately. Doctors made the radiograph and it shocked everybody in the clinic.

It turned out the snake was so hungry it ate the slipper. Nobody has ever seen something like that before. Nevertheless, it was necessary to take actions to save the poor animal.


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Doctors have performed a surgery under general anesthetic to save the snake’s life. As a result, the slipper was removed through the stomach. The python got all necessary drugs and needs to stay in the hospital for several days for the rehabilitation. Doctors dis a good job and the snake is now in safety.

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By the way, sometimes snakes help people too.

This is exactly what happened with one Chinese man named Yu Feng. One day he found a dying snake outside the house and took care of it till it recovered 20 days after.


He decided to keep the snake and named it Long Long. One night, the animal saved his family’s life.

I was asleep when I felt something cold on my face. It was Long Long. He had never woken me up before. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep, but Long Long grabbed my clothes with his teeth and whipped the bed with his tail. Then, he went to my mother’s bed and whipped her bed with his tail. … I woke up and smelt something burning, and saw my mother’s electric blanket was on fire, so I leapt up and turned it off.