“Look! I’m Mama!”: Jimmy Kimmel’s Small Daughter Imitates Pregnancy Symptoms


When Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney were expecting a baby, their daughter Jane started to imitate her mom, repeating some of her actions during the pregnancy period.

Molly has probably suffered from the morning sickness a lot, so Jane chose it for imitation. The woman posted an adorable picture of her daughter, who was bent over her Elmo potty and pretending to puke. Jane said, “Look! I’m mama!”.

Maybe, the little girl doesn’t want her mother to feel all those mother’s pregnancy symptoms alone and tries to be closer and show she is not alone. What a good and caring daughter she is!

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Jimmy Kimmel showed the picture on his show, and the audience really loved it!

Jimmy’s son was born on April 21st, 2017, unfortunately, he had some health problems that made his family’s life look like a nightmare. Jimmy Kimmel has really had a hard time fighting for his son’s life.

He proved to be a loving father who cares for his family and never gives up. Jimmy’s son Billy was born with heart defects that required surgery immediately after his birth, and a second surgery months later. His condition affected the normal flow of blood through the heart.

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Billy has already had two surgeries, and Jimmy Kimmel has even brought him to his show to show everybody he is doing well. Jimmy gets very emotional when he talks about Billy, and it is obvious he loves him a lot.

Jimmy Kimmel is a perfect father for his children and they are really lucky! Good job, Jimmy!

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