From A Girl With Abusive Childhood To A Renown Psychologist: A Story Of Maude Julien

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March 16, 2018 13:53 By Fabiosa

Maude Julien had an abusive childhood, but despite all life difficulties, she didn’t start hating people. On the contrary, she decided to dedicate her life helping others and became a journalist.

One day, a 34-year-old French businessman named Louis Didier took a six-year-old girl Jeannine away from her parents. They had a deal: Louis provides her with material security and gives an opportunity to get a higher education, and her parents in return promise they will never see their daughter again.

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When Jeannine was 28 years old, she gave birth to Maude Julien. Couple of years later, Didier moved to northern France together with his wife and daughter and started to carry out his project.

Didier had a goal: He wanted to raise a superhuman. He planned to train the girl so she could survive harsh conditions of that time. Didier’s worldview was shaped during the years between the First and Second World Wars, and he thought it is necessary to be physically, mentally, and emotionally trained from birth to survive those hard times.


Their house was away from civilization, and nobody had an access to the outer world: The phone was locked in a box, and its key stayed in Didier’s pocket. It was some kind of experiment.

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All she remembers from her childhood is continuous trainings of various types and an abusive father.

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Despite all hardships, Maude Julien didn’t start hating people. Moreover, she loves them and decided to dedicate her life to helping others: She became a psychotherapist. Years of therapy led her to becoming a therapist herself.

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Maude Julien described her hard and abusive childhood in the book “The Only Girl In The World.” This book is a real revelation and a chronicle of growing up imprisoned and tormented.

The book is Maude Julien’s testament of survival. She is a very strong woman who shows that there is a hope in every situation.

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